The New Life 

Patty Crash- New Life 

I first seen  Patty while watching her vlogs with Nikki Jean. I heard her vocals  on the roots How I Got Over project and i instantly fell in love with her sound and vibe. Periodically i would check in and see what she was doing music wise. I’m happy to see she is still at it and this is her first single off of her  Born To Fall project 

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The body: This scene from Seinfeld is hilarious Seinfeld is definitely on my Mount Rushmore of tv shows I’m the Black George Constanza but way more cooler and fresher but I wouldn’t mind having a smarter lady

Lol you’re the first black person I’ve come across that actually likes Seinfeld! None of my friends or fam like the show but it’s hilarious to me. I never get tired of it.

That’s unfortunate that they don’t because it’s a great show but yea i know a lot of people that don’t like it as a kid i used to sneak to watch certain shows and to read and stuff because the people i was around were closed minded towards everything and a show like Seinfeld is hard to ever get tired of that’s why I’m trying to own the complete series on DVD

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Cream Of Wheat (prod. by Esta)

The BeYoung Solo Project

BeYoung Releases his first track off of his debut solo Mix Tape “Daily Bread”:My Brothers Keeper. Cream Of Wheat, Nourishment of Champions!!!

1/3 of Pac Div BeYoung is finally dropping his solo project Like and Mibbs both put out solo efforts I was waiting on BeYoung cause I always enjoyed his flow and overall demeanor on tracks im definitely looking forward vto this one imvalso still waiting on Like to drop his first solo non instrumental project

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Diamond District - First Step | (prod. Oddisee)

The March on Washington

Produced by Oddisee. From the upcoming return of Diamond District “March On Washington” October 14th. Diamond District is yU, Oddisee, and Uptown XO.

When Diamond District dropped In the Ruff on Mello Music Group in 2009, the gritty drums and grimy raps combined as elementally as hydrogen and oxygen. The D.C. Voltron of Oddisee, yU, and X.O. dusted off and revitalized a sound once consigned to the catacombs.

Hailed as an instance classic, its impact reverberated throughout the underground and mainstream. The Washington D.C. City Paper called it the city’s best album in many years. During an era when lyricism was deemed too intellectual and samples too dated,Diamond District overturned conventional logic. They preserved the raw and made it righteous.

A half-decade later, the holy trinity has returned with March on Washington. The truths remain timeless. Wisdom over rhythm. Slang turned into testament.

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The Calm

Im so calm and peaceful nowdays.Im at a point in life where I just want to be around a peaceful environment. It took awhile for me to get to this point. I don’t hold any grudges I don’t have any animosity towards anybody. People may think I have an issue with them because I’ve distanced myself from them but im good with everyone. If they text, call,email,tweet whatever i’ll answer or text back quickly. Im just not into drama.

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